Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the pounding of little hooves

Was awakened this morning (even with the earplugs in) to what I thought was the sound of heavy rain. They had predicted snow for London, but nobody really believed it. So I thought it was the sound of heavy rain... Anyway, mom jumped out of the bed (we are sharing the big bed becase 1) dad still can't sleep lying down, and 2) there aren't any sheets on the other beds, and we can't seem to find the linen closet!) and ran to the window (this is beginning to sound like the Xmas story...) and looked out and apparently there were two rows of horses being led down the cobblestone street in front of the house! We are still trying to figure out where they came from or where they were going... there aren't any riding academies in the neighborhood as far as we can tell.

Anyway. We went to a Boxing Day party yesterday, given by a friend of my Uncle's (a New Yorker, natch) who lives in the renovated warehouse apartments over by Tower Bridge. (Here's a pic of Dad and Betty) What an AWESOME place to live! Apparently the rent is like £2,000 a month! The party was a mix of her friends and neighbors.... (more ex-pat NY gay men than I think were gathered anywhere else in London! ha ha ha) It was fun. I am amazed I was able to stay awake -- I avoided the wine and drank Diet Coke instead -- I think that helped. We also lit Chanuka candles, she was happy to have someone to sing the blessings with. Here we are at Betty's ---->

This morning has already turned into 2:30 in the afternoon and we haven't done much yet. We are at the Milano Internet Cafe that mom & dad found near Earl's Court -- it's brand new, and serves lovely paninis and lattes and has a huge room full of computers upstairs... and as far as I can tell, using the Internet is free as long as you buy a coffee or something. No wonder they spent so much time here!! Unfortunately, it's a little chilly. I think we'll have to find something to do and get out of here soon.

It did in fact snow this morning. Didn't stick to much, and it's basically gone now, but it did snow. We saw it. :) Wish I had taken a picture, oops! At least today I remembered to bring my camera for London tourist photos.

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