Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend in Fredericksburg

In February, John decided we should go away for a weekend. Because of our schedules (mostly mine, sadly), we didn't get to go until this weekend. He chose a cute little B&B with individual cabins, in Fredericksburg, TX.

Unfortunately, we waited a little too long to leave on Friday, so it took longer than it should have to get there. But, we picked up our keys and went to find some dinner. The food (and the beer!) at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company was just what we needed (maybe too much!), and John picked up a t-shirt that turned out to be perfect for our Saturday adventure.

After dinner we went back and found our cabin at Barons Creekside. It was adorable! The cabin was originally built in Kentucky and brought to Fredericksburg. From what we could tell, it was sort of split in half, and they put the kitchen and bathroom area in the middle, between the living room and the bedroom. But it was just enough space for us. :)

Saturday morning we got up relatively early and set out for Enchanted Rock. It was gray and overcast, but the forecast said the sun was coming eventually. We had our water bottles, hats and cameras... we just had to get up that 425ft hill. It was slow going (my heart rate monitor was working overtime!) but we did it. Right along with the 25 school kids, the twenty or thirty other families, various dogs... etc. We made it to the top, took pictures, and came down around the side, to see some of the giant boulders and rock slides. The flowers and cacti growing out of the rocks were beautiful. The round-trip hike took us about 2 hours. On the way out, the line of cars waiting to get into the park was amazing! We were so glad we got there when we did.

After we went back to the cabin and rested our shaky legs, we decided to go check out Luckenbach, TX, and look for lunch. Neither one of us had ever been there, so we didn't know what to expect. Well, what greeted us was a real Texas party -- we happened to go on the day of the Mud Dauber Fest and Chili Cook-off. I had been worried we were going to go to a fancy place and I'd be under-dressed in my jeans and sneakers. That was NOT a problem. ;) There were long lines for beer, but shorter lines for food. John's "Vote - Less Government, More Beer" shirt, which he had bought at the brewery the night before, was a hit.

We didn't stay around for the rest of the Cook-Off festivities - we went to find some wine to taste. (We were in Fredericksburg, after all!) We went to Messina Hof - a winery that John and his family had visited in their main location in Bryan, TX. It was crowded and not very personable. We bought some wine, and went along to the next place on the "Wine Road." We poked our heads in at Grape Creek, but was another one that was really crowded and too focused on selling, so we left. Further down the road, the Woodrose Winery was a thousand times better. Our wine flights were served by the owner, who talked to us about how they made the wine, which grapes they chose, where they came from... it was SO much better. John bought a bottle of their wine as well.

Then it was time for a nap before dinner. (I could get used to this!) We skipped the upscale dinner places in favor of the West End Pizza Co. The food was good, but it took an hour to get to us, and we were just getting more and more exhausted as we sat there. The live music didn't help much. We knew we were going to sleep well!

Sunday morning we took a walk around the grounds, to check out the creek and the other cabins. It's really a beautiful place. The creek is man-made, and there are Adirondack chairs beside it, and painted cows all over the place. (Like the ones in New York)

After breakfast, we went to the National Museum of the Pacific War. It's a phenomenal museum - I'm amazed at all of the artifacts that they have in this huge museum, in the tiny little town of Fredericksburg. It took us three hours to get through the main pavilion. We didn't have the energy to go to the Nimitz Museum or the Pacific Combat Zone down the street... now we know why the entry ticket is good for 48 hours!

It really was an amazing weekend. I'm exhausted, but I think we'll go back again!