Sunday, April 30, 2006

Trojans drafted...

Yesterday was the NFL draft. After much anticipation, Reggie Bush was picked 2nd, and went to the New Orleans Saints. Matt Leinart was picked 10th, to go to the Arizona Cardinals. (At least he won't have to move very far!) The big news story of the day, of course, was this whole mess with Reggie's parents... ugh! Enough already! Vince Young went to the Tennessee Titans. There was a big hullaballoo to keep him in Texas, but the apparently the Houston Texans didn't need a QB. They took Mario Williams with their first round pick.

That's enough football blather. ;) Big excitement this weekend - The Kid made it home from Sydney! He has at various times been at casa Fratkin, at least long enough to borrow the car (until he gets his own back tomorrow)... we've been promised an appearance at dinner tonight, but who knows. ;)

In the meantime, mom got hurt AGAIN last week. She tripped over a cable last week and broke her two small toes on the right foot. The doctor put her in a boot! And this on the weekend that they were going to Montreal. Apparently everything was fine until somebody standing in front of her stepped backwards onto her foot! OUCH! Poor mom.

And you'll notice the newest addition to my blog, the G.W. Bush countdown clock ----> I love it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

(not-so-)Clueless in Clarendon

Team "Clueless in Clarendon" [Dani, Elizabeth, May, Joan and I] came in second at trivia night tonight, at our newest neighborhood Irish pub (RiRa). That makes two weeks in a row in second place! I can't take any credit for last week's showing, I missed it. But I don't think I'll miss it again. It was so much fun! (and my face hurts from laughing with the girls...)

See, there are two things that are going to make this definitely a weekly event for me --
1) I'm very competitive (I know, you're surprised...) and 2) I love trivia!

The first round was a set of 10 photos, who all had something in common. [and there's no way we would have gotten two of them without our waitress, she was the best! and she got a nice tip, too! :)] I mean, who ever heard of Jordan? (she's a model from the UK) I can't even remember the other girl's name. Bonus question -- What they all had in common (including Rob Lowe, Paris Hilton and Colin Farrell) was sex videos. That part we got right away.

Then we moved on to the hard questions* (in rounds of 8):
  • The temple of Wat Arun is in what city?
  • What country is between Zimbabwe and the sea?
  • When was the first Nobel Prize awarded? (1901, 1905, or 1909?)
  • Which Irish actor won an Oscar for his role in My Left Foot?
  • Which Irish actor played Miles O'Brien on Star Trek: TNG?
  • What is the only bird on the Chinese calendar?
  • What is the official animal of Canada?
  • What do you call the stiffness that sets in on the body when a person dies?
  • What movie was associated with the Stevie Wonder song, "I just called to say I love you"?
  • Who was the subject of the Mel Brooks movie "Men in Tights"?
  • What Canadian province is named after a daughter of Queen Victoria?
  • Which country was the first to use numbered tags on cars?
  • What country in Europe still has wild bison?
  • What 1939 movie ends with "After all, tomorrow is another day"?
  • In what city is the bridge known as the Rialto found?
  • What Japanese city was bombed on August 6, 1945?
... and many, many more.

Then there was the music round. Fortunately, it was 80's music night! The Quiz master -- Patrick, who has a lovely Irish accent, particularly when he says the number 3 ('tree') -- had to sing a few lines from each song. Lucky for him, we knew all the songs so he didn't have to sing as much... after a while, he just shut up and let us do it!

Name the artist that sang these songs:
  • "Eternal Flame"
  • "Don't You Want Me"
  • "Come on Eileen"
  • "Video Killed the Radio Star"
  • "I Think We're Alone Now"
In the end, we lost by ONE POINT to the guys sitting behind us, who I think were using their blackberries to get answers from their friends. But don't hold me to it. Regardless, we got Tanqueray t-shirts. The third place team ["Johnny Utah"] got Guinness hats, so we traded some of our spare t-shirts. :) First place is two pints of beer apiece (I think). So I'm just as happy with a t-shirt.

For next week, we are all assigned some geography studying, and Patrick told us that next week's music is 70's disco. So we're set. :) [Patrick likes us!]

*oh, you want the answers?
- Bangkok
- Mozambique
- 1901
- Daniel Day-Lewis
- Colm Meaney
- Rooster
- Beaver
- Rigor mortis
- The Woman in Red
- Robin Hood
- Alberta
- France
- Poland
- Gone with the Wind
- Venice
- Hiroshima

Music answers:
- The Bangles
- Human League
- Dexy's Midnight Runners
- The Buggles (first video shown on MTV)
- Tiffany

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dancing in the aisles

I don't like to go to the supermarket by myself. Not because I am afraid I will be hit on by random guys (that might actually be nice), or because I don't like going out alone at night... it's more because going by myself is NO FUN! So as often as possible, I take Dani with me. What could be more fun than that?!?

Here are the things that invariably happen when we go to "the Teeter":
  1. We sing along to the music in the store. It's not MUZAK, it's the actual songs, and it's usually stuff we like. (...and generally there is some dancing involved as well.)
  2. There's a lot of giggling. Whether it has to do with the music or something in the produce department or even the "EZ-Squirt" ketchup, well, that's anybody's guess. Sometimes I feel bad for the other people who end up down one of the aisles with us. They probably think we're nuts. [no comments from the peanut gallery, please. no pun intended.]
  3. On the way home, the carton of eggs must be held carefully on Dani's lap. Because invariably, some idiot will come out of nowhere and cause me to hit the brakes - HARD - and, as D. said last night, "it's not a shopping trip unless my stuff ends up on the floor of the back seat!" And last night, we had almost made it to her house -- I was so proud of myself that I was driving gently -- and boom! out pops the nose of a car into my lane, I had to slam on the brakes, and all of D's groceries were on the floor. (well, on top of the ones that she had already placed on the floor...). Never fails.

It probably doesn't sound like as much fun as it actually is... (you'd have to be there) but we do tend to giggle our way through life most of the time anyway. Just about anything will set us off. Last night, we were in the Organic Foods section. I applaud HT for providing so much organic produce, but sometimes I wonder...

(The picture quality isn't the best, but my camera phone was the best I could do.) Organic Honeydew melons? They look pretty small to me. heh. I can't take credit for noticing them, D is much quicker at that than I.

So if you're walking through Harris Teeter in Arlington one night (late, we have to eat dinner before going food shopping) and you happen to hear two women cackling with laughter, it's probably US! :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

babies abound!

Ok, so I haven't blogged in two weeks. I didn't have all that much to say!

In the meantime, the list is up to FOUR duckies to make! Congratulations to:

  • Viveka and Brian Ryn on the birth of their son Gabriel (Feb 20th, which also happens to be Auntie M's birthday! Easy to remember!)
  • Brian and Stacey Krapf, on the birth of their son William "Max" (March 17th)
  • Dan and Tracy Lader on the birth of their son Ian (April 2nd), and
  • Kevin and Amanda Book, on the birth of their daughter Claire, on April 5th.

(and thank you to all of them for choosing NORMAL names, unlike Gwyneth Paltrow who chose Moses for her newborn son... Moses? What, in honor of Passover? Please. That's worse than naming your kid after a piece of fruit or something. Oh wait... )

Clearly, my friends have been busy! (well, they were busy 9 months ago... ha ha ha) Fortunately, duckies are quick and easy to make. Maybe I should have brought the yarn and stuffing here to Richmond with me... but then again, I'm not sure my boss would be pleased if I were crocheting during the conference. Oh well.

I've started working again on the Olympic scarf again. I'd really like to get it finished one of these days. It's almost long enough to wear... maybe two or three more triangles and I'll stop. I've also continued putting together the squares for my "Friendship Stars" afghan blanket. It's 3x3 blocks (each block is nearly 3 feet wide) now, so I only have 3 more to add, and then the border, and it'll be done!

So, I'm in Richmond, at the Jefferson Hotel. It's beautiful. The art and antiques in the hallways are gorgeous. The only complaint I have so far is that there's no electrical outlet near the desk. Wireless access, excellent. Electricity? Not so much. I don't mind sitting on the bed with my computer, but it would be nice if I could leave it plugged in and sit at the desk for at least a little while. But no. Bad planning on their part. Maybe I'll call down and ask for an extension cord. :) [I used to think it was funny when people I knew travelled with extension cords - now I get it!]

Last night Betty (Boop) came to visit us at mom & dad's house. Betty is the lovely woman I stayed with on my last night in London... she was here visiting friends for a few days before heading to an Oracle conference in Vegas. We had takeout from Moby's... YUM! But of course I was so busy with Betty and the stuff that dad was unpacking from his London trip, I forgot that West Wing was on! Thank goodness for my DVR. [spoiler alert!!] The election is over, Leo McGarry died (had to happen, since John Spencer died in December), and Santos won! It was very emotional. I cried a lot. I know I'll be a basket case next Sunday when they show Leo's funeral. And, Josh and Donna finally got together (last week), which only took... seven years?!

(I just heard on CNN that some Dems in Ohio actually asked Martin Sheen to run for Congress for real... he turned them down. bummer. ) ;)