Saturday, July 17, 2010

Margaritas and queso at Matt's

More time-delayed photos, courtesy of AT&T. Here are our margaritas (his was top shelf, mine was sangria-margarita) at Matt's El Rancho. The waitress talked us into Bob's queso - queso with ground beef and guacamole in it - she really had to twist our arms, as you might imagine. Allyn practically licked the bowl. ;)

The food at Matt's was good (his Tacos al Carbon was better than my Tacos al Pastor) but not great. Personally, I think Chuy's is better. We will be going there in November.

Jae's first taste of Rudy's - he likes!

Unfortunately, my phone was having posting issues, so this took a while, but here's Allyn on the covered patio at Rudy's (did I mention that he loves outdoor dining?) right before we stuffed ourselves with brisket, turkey, sausage, cole slaw and potato salad. He liked it. Hm. That's an understatement. He offered to eat at Rudy's for every meal for the rest of the weekend, but I declined. :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Back to blogging

Someone pointed out to me last week that I hadn't been blogging in a while. It's true, I've gotten so addicted to Facebook that I post just about everything over there. But there's not enough room at FB to really delve into anything... I just post a link and make a little comment, and it's done.

So back to Blogger. And you'll notice I've changed the design of the page a bit... I'm going to keep playing with it until I find a design that I really like. Comments are welcome.

It's July. Half the year is over. Sometimes I really wonder where time goes. I know I go to work every day and get stuff done, and move forward... I just hope I'm making enough of a difference in the world.

We read "The Next Thing on My List" in book club last month (good choice, Maria!) and it got us all to think about what would be on our "lists" -- like a bucket list, only with a slightly shorter time line. The list below was modified from Cassie Boorn's list. She was interviewed on NPR last week about her project asking women to write letters to their 20-something selves, but she also has her own list of things to do before she turns 25. (oy, I'm old!) I called mine "50 Things to do Before I turn 50." heh. that gives me a little wiggle room. :) Some of the things on Cassie's list were good, and I kept them even though I could cross them out.

Here's my list:

1. Visit the Aquarium (Monterrey, Baltimore, Sydney... I love aquariums)

2. Dance in the rain

3. Ride in a hot air balloon

4. Buy a house

5. Visit all 50 states

6. Own a big girl camera

7. Spend a day at a winery

8. Tutor Someone

9. Host a dinner party

10. Go camping

11. Write a book…or maybe a nice article (hmmm, does blogging count?)

12. Learn to swim

13. Speak to a crowd

14. Build something (hello, IKEA)

15. Pay off my car

16. Plant something (that doesn't die...)

17. Take a road trip with friends

18. Try something I hate

19. Go to a movie alone

20. Wake up early and sit on my patio

21. Keep a journal

22. Take a risk

23. Visit 10 landmarks in Texas (or in the US... I still haven't been to many National Parks outside DC)

24. Teach someone something

25. Do yoga (without getting the giggles)

26. Make a soufflé

27. Make a large purchase without panicking

28. Be fearless

29. Write a poem

30. Meditate

31. Fall in love (hasn't happened recently)

32. Change a tire

33. Get married

34. Ride in a horse drawn carriage

35. Pay off my credit cards

36. Invest in something

37. Attend an outside concert

38. Catch a fish

39. Ride a motorcycle

40. Be content

41. Make my own ice cream

42. Read 100 books

43. Take a graphic design course

44. Watch all the movies on AFI's top 100 list

45. Run (or jog) a 5k (as opposed to just walking)

46. Ride an elephant

47. Go to Italy (also on the list: Greece, Ireland, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand...)

48. Learn to speak Hebrew. (I can read it, but that's not enough.)

49. Take a cruise to Alaska

50. Take dancing lessons (swing, salsa, 2-step, etc.)

What's on your list?

Friday, March 12, 2010

That's cheating!

in the freezer section @ Costco... pre-made matzoh balls!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Spicy caramel popcorn

recipe from SmittenKitchen - yum! Next time, I'll remember the peanuts.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A new annual tradition

Living in Austin has given me a lot of things. A great job, wonderful friends, a nice house... and allergies. Ugh, the allergies. And apparently, as soon as the cold weather goes away (and it happened early this year), and the "cedar fever" starts up, I get bronchitis. Because, you know, it's not enough to just have the cedar allergy. I get the yucky green mucus (tmi? sorry!), the pain in my chest, the coughing, and the Barry White voice. Really pleasant. I could feel it coming on, so I made a pre-emptive appointment with the doc on Wednesday. He looked at his notes and commented that he had prescribed an antibiotic last February for bronchitis. This time, he prescribed a z-pack (more antibiotics) and cough syrup with codeine. wahooo! I haven't had cough syrup with codeine in probably twenty years.

Needless to say, Thursday was not a day for going to work. I slept. I took my antibiotics and some cough syrup, ate some oatmeal, and slept. And slept. Ate some soup. And slept some more. Wow, did that feel good. I decided I had to go in on Friday for a little while -- by then I was so stir crazy, I had to get out of the house! Unfortunately, sitting upright and trying to concentrate for an hour was plenty. I stopped and got a pizza on the way home (random craving, but this way I didn't have to go out again...) and went home and crashed again.

So, after four days of antibiotics and cough syrup, and lots of sleeping and watching random movies, I am pleased to report that the pain in my chest is gone, there's no more green gunk, and I sound a lot more like me, and a lot less like Kathleen Turner. (I suppose it might have been sexy, but the coughing kind of killed the mood.) ;)

Please remind me next year that I need to keep taking my allergy meds when it's still cold outside, so when it warms up, I won't get bronchitis!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pulled Pork!

4 lb pork butt, $6.29
BBQ sauce, $2.39
Root beer for cooking, $3.59
Making your own pulled pork: priceless. (and almost irresistible!)