Tuesday, February 28, 2006

She's Got a Way

... a way cool haircut! :) I even took a picture of it so y'all can see. -----> Luigi cut off about three inches of hair, and gave me some fun layers. Add a little mousse, and presto! Instant curly mop! It probably would be a bit longer if I straightened it, but this is more fun.

The best birthday card I received this year came from Kelly's mom, who captured the essence of my dating life with a mutated chick and his mate (see below). "Carl wasn't exactly what Mindy was hoping for... ... but he was Jewish." My mother will love it.

Biggest purchase of the week: tickets to SPAMALOT! I'm so excited! The traveling company will be coming to DC in June, so as long as Marc's gonna be in town, we'll go. It won't be the NY cast (Hank Azaria, David Hyde Pierce, etc) but I'm sure it will be fantastic. I'll have to watch Holy Grail again at least once before I go to the show.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Ok, so.... I didn't finish my scarf in time for the closing ceremonies. No medal for me. But if I didn't actually *watch* the closing ceremonies, does it really mean it's over? heh. Pam finished her scarf, Dani finished Thorn (aka Rose) and Carolyn made multiple kitty beds. So at least some of my teammates earned their medals!

I will keep working on the scarf -- it's still fun to do -- but I accept the fact that, like Bode Miller and Michelle Kwan, my Olympic experience wasn't all it was meant to be. Oh well.

My birthday, on the other hand, was FABULOUS, "possums"! First, I have to say that the first person to wish me a happy birthday was in fact my baby brother on Friday night (it was already Saturday afternoon in Sydney, after all!). And he sent me a text message on my cell phone, too! What a good kid. :)

So, in the back corner of Aria Trattoria's indoor patio, under the hot hot hot lamps (which we made them turn off), a dozen of us gathered for tasty Italian food and wine [Ryan was _almost_ the only guy at dinner, but Caryn and Chris showed up later so he was saved.... although he didn't really seem to *mind* the ratio... ;)] Unfortunately, I had forgotten two very important things:
1) my camera -- so there is no photographic evidence of the festivities, and
2) the tickets to Dame Edna! I left them on my desk at home!! (can't you just hear the gasps from my mother, aunt, and friends when I realized this at the table?)

However, the benefit of having dinner across the street from the theater is that I could order my meal, and then run across the street to the box office to beg for mercy. The nice man at the box office took a break from his Sudoku puzzles :) and wrote me a voucher for six people to get into the show. Phew! Apparently the theater was nearly sold out, except for a few single tickets here and there. Our seats were in the front row of the Balcony. I wouldn't recommend them for a show like this... the front "railing" of the balcony was actually a wall about a foot wide, so we all spent the whole show leaning forward to be able to see the Dame on stage. She did take pity on us "paupers" up in the balcony and waved a few times. :) On the other hand, we were glad not to have been seated in the front three or four rows of the orchestra, where Dame Edna wreaked havoc -- she took people's shoes (she has psychic abilities), gave marriage counseling (actually called the mother-in-law!) and put on a short one-act play with audience members as the cast.

So that's it, I'm 33 now. I don't feel much different -- it was a little dizzying on Sunday morning -- or maybe that was because I whacked my head on the doorframe when I was getting into mom's car to go to brunch! D'oh! Maybe I'll feel different tomorrow after Luigi cuts my hair. I think I'll have him chop off three inches or so. I'll be sure to post a pic after it's done.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That's not her style

... or rather, that's not something I want her to wear.

I'm talking about the raglan hoodie sweater. I think because I didn't know how to do the right kind of seam decreasing when I made the pieces of the hoodie, it just didn't come out right. So, here's a picture of the nearly-finished sweater. -------------->

And now (with a bit of sobbing), I will take apart the seams and frog the front and back down to the armpits, and make straight side seams like the sweater I made for Hannah last year (see below). I'll probably do the stripey sleeves, too, maybe with the hot pink that I was going to use for the pocket. (maybe I'll keep the pocket?)

In Olympic news, my scarf continues to grow -- it's now about 27" long... I have until Sunday to finish for a medal. :)

I wasn't too sad not to have gone to Vegas for the weekend. The thing I missed most was time with Samantha, Jae & Teri. Otherwise... I hung out with my friends, I cleaned my apartment, I worked out a few times, I spent five hours at dinner with Jen, I thought some more about moving to Texas... it was a pretty busy weekend.

The big thing for this coming weekend is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! (that's so some of you will remember -- you know who you are!) A bunch of us (14 or so) are going to dinner on Saturday night and then about half of us are going to see Dame Edna. I'm so psyched! I consider myself a very lucky person, in that all of my friends get along very well with all of my other friends. If I had a bigger apartment I'd probably have parties a lot. Although somehow I can never seem to get Dani and Giselle in the same place at the same time. hmm... They're both scheduled to appear on Saturday night, so if there's a rift in the space-time continuum, you'll know why! Aunt Robin is even coming down from NYC for the weekend. :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Get it Right the First Time

... or frog it and start over. :(

As Dani would say, "reading is fundamental." My advanced reading skills were not enough to keep me from knitting an extra row on my second and third triangles, so by the time I was done, I was making a hexagonal... placemat or something. UGH. Pulling out the two triangles wasn't as hard as picking up the top row of the red triangle, unknitting a row, and starting again!

So, I have started again. I knit a triangle the other night, it took about 90 minutes. At this rate I might be done in ... April? It's about 15" long, so only 45" more to go. But at least I'm on the right track now.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the family vacation to Vegas didn't happen this weekend... Dad has a bronchial infection that is keeping him from sleeping (and mom too) so we stayed home. :( But, on the plus side, I got a vacation day back (still took Friday off! Yay!) for use later in the year.

And, having eliminated the rush need to finish Samantha's sweater, I haven't touched it since Dani and I went to late night at KH last week. Sad, all that's left is attaching the hood and pocket and putting in the drawstrings, and I just haven't done it. Maybe with my FOUR DAY WEEKEND I'll find a minute or two. :)

In the meantime, I mailed out the fliers to invite all the local APIC members to our political show on March 18th at Tyson's. I hope they all come!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Got To Begin Again

The Olympics have started! (both the knitting and the Torino events) :)

We decided that our team should be called "Team It's All Her Fault". It's a long story, but mostly it's because Dani is the one who taught a lot of our other teammates to knit, and on top of that, we tend to blame her for *everything* whether it's her fault or not. So here's our team logo.

We gathered at P's house last night to watch the opening ceremonies from Torino (VERY COOL, although some odd moments -- and what's with the German team's coat colors? Yeccch!) We had chinese food and brownies and wine, and started our Olympic projects.

Of course, we all had to pick our Olympic "crushes" -- the athlete that we will follow through all of his events. But, during the parade we saw a female luger from the US Virgin Islands (the only athlete from USVI at the games) who is known as "Grandma Luge" -- she has been in every Winter Olympics since 1988! (that's '88, not '98) So we're going to keep an eye out for her, too. She's too cute. In any event, I chose Chad Hedrick, the speedskater. He already won one gold, and is up for 4 more events! Brings back memories from my childhood of watching Eric Heiden skate, he was the best! My other crush (of long standing) is Bob Costas. He's awesome.

They have totally changed the scoring for ice skating at the Olympics (after the fiasco in Salt Lake City -- it's about time!) so that the 12 judges aren't specifically tied to any one country. The computer randomly picks scores from 9 of them, so nobody knows whose scores got dropped. And the points system is now out of 100 (basically), instead of being out of 6.0. There's an explanation on the NBC Olympics page -- but it's seriously confusing... it's about as complicated as the BCS standings!

Of course, timing is everything - we're getting hit with a huge snowstorm this weekend, so I'm perfectly content to sit home and watch the Olympics and work on the scarf. I did go out for a few hours today, before the snow got too bad -- I walked over to my cousin's apartment to meet his baby daughter Hannah, and give her the little duckie. I was right, the duckie is bigger than she is! But she's very cute. I found a chart and figured out that Aron and I are second cousins, and so that makes Hannah my second cousin once removed. (Aron's grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister, I think.)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Ain't No Crime

Yes, ok, it's been a week since I blogged anything. This was a pretty boring week, generally... not much I thought anyone else would want to hear about. But here are some tidbits.

[Today is Amy's birthday, I hope Rob took her out someplace nice! Happy Birthday, Amy!]

I had to un-sew the seams on Samantha's sweater... (the next time I decide I want to make raglan sleeves, somebody SHOOT ME! ugh) I will spend some time this weekend sewing the parts back together and hope that it looks better the second time around. Also on my to-do list is a duckie for Hannah Rose Davidson, whom I hope to meet very soon!

And, because USAir and AmericaWest have no clue what to do for people who have actually *paid* for tickets, my flights to/from Las Vegas for Prez weekend will now be in and out of BWI, rather than Dulles. UGH. Expedia has been calling and emailing me in near-panic mode to make sure that I know that my itinerary has changed. At least they're paying attention! On the plus side, the flight to Vegas is non-stop, so if I have to leave my house at 6am, at least I can get some good sleepy-time in on the plane.

I commented to my mom last week that the only guys who have responded to my ad on ***.com (personals) have been divorced men with kid(s). She said, "Your father was a 'divorced man with a kid' when I married him." Doesn't that just put life in perspective?!? I had never thought of it that way. :) So I suppose that means I will have to give some of these guys a chance. Hmmm...