Tuesday, January 13, 2009

eat more, not less

I went to the nutritionist tonight for a "check-up" -- this is the same woman who put me on a mostly-organic diet in January 2008, and with whose help I lost about 15 lbs last year. We talked about what I've been eating, which has been far more sensible since I've been back from DC. I showed her my last 10 days of Weight Watchers food tracking. Other than the fact that it is sorely lacking in vegetables, it looked pretty good. But then she did the math, and apparently I'm not getting enough calories!

The way WW does things, I get to eat food that adds up to 25 points per day (a point is 60 calories or 6 grams of fat), plus an extra 35 pts to use throughout the week. Ergo, 25 x 60 = 1500 calories. And if you evenly split the 'extra' pts, that's an extra 300 calories per day. But I hardly use those - the program makes it sound like those are for "emergencies" only.

But according to the tests that Nancy did last year when I signed up for my Lean 'n Fit program, I should get about 1900 calories, or 31+ points. So that means I get to eat more! As long as it's healthy, of course.

She recommended all kinds of interesting foods, including "Dark Chocolate Dreams" peanut butter from PB&Co! Seriously!

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