Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let the craziness begin!

The family is starting its travel madness early this year... we're all boarding planes for the other side of the pond around the same time today. Mom & Dad on BA, Bryan on Virgin, and me on AA. It's almost 9 hours from Dallas to London.... bleh. I brought some SimplySleep, so hopefully I'll nod off pretty soon. I also brought a pair of socks that have been languishing in my project bag for six months or so (Diamante socks, from knitty, in Fleece Artist, 100% Merino, bronze colorway) I stopped at a sock-and-a-half, though it looks like I have enough yarn left to make more.

One good thing: The Dallas airport D Gate area has a nice little charge station, so my laptop can charge and I can sit on a stool and not huddle on the floor near an outlet like I've had to do at the A gates. So I'm actually getting some work done.

Haven't been to London in 3 years! It was about 10-15 degrees colder last time I was there (it was a month later), too, so I'm hoping what I've brought this time will be enough. I haven't even done any research into what's on exhibit at which museum... There just wasn't time. It didn't even feel like I was really going until I got to the gate area in Dallas. YAY! Now I'm going.

I'm hoping that the Verizon-anywhere broadband modem will work in London. If not, there's always the internet cafe. :)

Safe travels, y'all!


Stick said...

have a blast!!! don't ya hate huddling on an airport floor to charge your laptop/ipod/phone? drives me insane!

Happy T'day!

dani said...

Tres jealous! Enjoy London!