Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day four, Museum Sunday

Last night was the USC-Notre Dame game in LA. This is the first time in six years that I haven't been there! (it's not so bad really, they only play at Thanksgiving every other year) At 1am, we brought up the online game-tracker and watched the beginnings of what we hoped would be a massacre by the Trojans. And it was! I went to bed after the first touchdown, but the final score was 38-3. Fight On! (and, Oregon State lost to Oregon, so SC might get to go to the Rose Bowl after all!)

I thought about sleeping late, but decided to get up and go to the British Museum with Mom and Bryan. I mean, I'm only in London once a year -- if I'm lucky -- and the last time I was here was 3 years ago. I could spare an hour or two of sleep for the British Museum! of course, it was cold and rainy and gross outside, but it was worth it to go back and see the sarcophagus of Cleopatra and the Mesopotamian sculptures and Egyptian hieroglyphics. I love that stuff. :) I also love the architecture of the internal courtyard of the museum, which they covered over with a skylight in 2000.

For lunch, we met dad and two of his British friends at the Texas Embassy Cantina. Yes, I went to a Texas-themed Mexican restaurant in London. The chips and salsa were good ... my aunt's cheese enchiladas were covered with Velveeta. (ugh.) The other food was good (not great), but I did have a Pacifico beer! And I bought a burnt-orange t-shirt with the restaurant logo, to wear when I get back.

After lunch, mom and Abbe and I headed over to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit. It's the companion exhibit with her new book, which includes both her well-known photos of celebrities for Vanity Fair, and personal photos of her children, her parents, her partner (Susan Sontag) and other life events. I heard an interview with her about the whole thing on NPR a few weeks ago, so I was excited to see the photos. The rest of the gallery was horrendously crowded, though, so we didn't stay too long.

At that point, we headed straight for the tube to come home. It was dark at 4pm, and cold, and raining! Bleh. The group couldn't make up their minds about dinner, so I chose the Greek place down the street. It was great! We brought home a bunch of leftovers. Dad tried to order spanakopita, but the waiter didn't understand him -- the guy was Italian! He only knew the name of the "spinach pie" in English. heehee :)

Tomorrow: Covent Garden market, the London Transport Museum, and souvenir shopping.

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