Saturday, May 02, 2009

A lovely baby shower

This afternoon, Rebeka and I went to a baby shower for our friends Juan and Letty. Letty has another six weeks to go, but she looks like she's about to pop! It was a nice, small shower, with couples and kids. Of course, I was happy to go to the shower, and I made the world's quickest duckie - started last night at 9:30am, finished in the car on the way to the party! But the biggest draw for me was that it was being hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Klein (and her husband Phil).

I've been reading Stephanie's blog for at least a couple of years, since she published her first book, Straight Up and Dirty, moved to Austin (shortly before I did, I think), had her twins in December '06... It was great to actually meet her! The "beans" are a little over 2 now and talking. They're SO cute. And Phil is just the nicest guy in the world.

Our illustrious hosts made finger sandwiches, complete with the crusts cut off -- cucumber, salmon, egg salad -- as well as awesome little roast beef sandwiches with cheese and horseradish, and teriyaki meatballs... we definitely ate well. There was a big pitcher of lemonade, with a bottle of Absolut Vanilla next to it. We didn't realize that the lemonade was *already* spiked... it was tasty, but I had to stop after one cup. :) And then to top it all off, Letty made a lemon tart. Wow. Juan said they made him stop bringing her baked goods to work, and I can totally see why!

Needless to say, the duckie was a big hit. :) I didn't take out my own camera, but there will be pictures soon, I'm sure.

So a big ol' thank you to Stephanie and Phil, and mazel tov to Juan and Letty! (I even offered to babysit!)

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