Friday, May 22, 2009

100 miles in one day

oy vey.

This has been some day. I think I spent more time in my car than I did at the office. Or anywhere, except maybe the doctor's office.

I started the day at the medical building for my annual physical, and to get a referral so I can get my knee checked out. He thinks I have patella-femoral syndrome, which is exactly what Bryan had when he grew too fast and had no cartilage in his knees. I can live with that -- I'd rather have to do PT than have any kind of surgery, but we'll see what the ortho says. I was all ready to head back to work after 45 mins in the docs office, but no! That would be too easy. I had to go to the lab first. EKG, blood test, and a tetanus shot for good measure. (ow. did I mention that they had to stick me twice to take my blood, because he screwed up the first time? ugh.)

An hour later, I was finally on my way. I made a beeline for Starbucks first, since I had been fasting since midnight, and had only slept for about 5 hrs. And "beeline" was the right word -- after three sips of iced coffee, I was buzzing like a beehive. I zipped back to the office (really, I might have been able to run faster than the car went!), I edited a document, and left again to drive down to a luncheon on campus. (Yes, ok, I should have gone straight from the doc's office to campus, but I thought I had enough time... learned my lesson!)

Went to the lunch meeting, which was really uneventful, and then went back to the office. (Again, should have stayed on campus...) I was in the office for a whole 45 minutes, and then I raced down to the airport to pick up Amy & Mary. I took them back to the office, gave them a tour, and did a little bit of work, until about 5:15. By then, the office had emptied out and we were hungry, so we went over to Roaring Fork for dinner. We sat outside -- and had to fight off some really aggressive flies -- and watched people swimming in the lake. The food was good, the weather was warm but pleasant, and the check blew away. (we had to pay anyway, the nice waiter reprinted it. damn.)

Then I brought the girls up to see my house, since this was about the closest we'll be all weekend. They liked it. We all nearly fell asleep in the living room, so I drove them downtown to their hotel, dropped them off, and came back.

Phew. Want to see what the map looks like?
(B) is the doctor's office
(D) is campus
(F) is the airport
(G) is my office
(H) is the hotel
(I) is my house

Tomorrow: I'm sleeping late!

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