Thursday, March 19, 2009

The bracket-watching has begun

-- and no, I don't mean the NCAA men's basketball tourney... I mean "Fug Madness 2009!"

I love reading the Go Fug Yourself blog. There are times when I don't recognize the featured personalities, but it's fun to see what odd things Hollywood people like to wear out of their houses, especially when nobody else in their right mind would wear that stuff! I mean, really! Who is the stylist who told you that was a good idea? and why haven't you fired them?

So, in order to pick the "fugliest" dresser of the year, we get Fug Madness, for which there are four brackets: Madonna, Charo, Cher and Bjork (they're real fashion trendsetters, don'tcha know...) and everyone votes for the fashion victim of their choice, until we're down to one. The nice thing is, you can instantly see the top vote-getters when you vote. And over 11,000 people have voted already!

Last year's winner was Bai Ling. Suffice it to say, Bai wore some goofy, strange outfits last year. Can't wait to see who our winner is for 2009! :)

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