Monday, December 08, 2008

Rose Bowl bound! (again!)

Sigh. Another year, another Rose Bowl. (don't I sound ungrateful?!)

After beating the Bruins in their home stadium (which is in fact the Rose Bowl) a respectable 28-7, and with Oregon beating Oregon State, USC was awarded the traditional Pac-10 berth at the Rose Bowl game on January 1. Four years running. It's not quite the national championship...

The sports writers are not terribly excited about this one, given how well USC did against Ohio State, but we'll see. I'm still hoping for a good game! (and I love the countdown clock on the Rose Bowl website!)

But the funniest news from the day had to be the ad that UCLA put in the LA Times, with Coach Neuheisel, with the headline 'The football monopoly in Los Angeles is officially over.'" Um. Not so much. The USC folks took that and made a t-shirt with the same text, except it says, "The football monopoly in Los Angeles is officially over THERE" (in cardinal and gold, of course). :)

You can get a similar shirt on eBay now, too.

Fight on!

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dani said...

Yeah, yeah, let's just leave Ohio State out of this. It's bad enough that we have to face your other school in the Fiesta Bowl.