Monday, December 22, 2008

By all means, save the rainforest

The Pope today told senior Vatican staff that saving the world from homosexuals and transsexuals is as important as saving the rainforest. Oy. So he's equating human industrialization encroaching on the rainforest with homosexuals "encroaching" on straight people's lives? Riiight, because every time we hang out with Aubrey, he's trying to make us gay. [Ok, so I've been to more gay bars than "straight" bars in the last month. That's definitely Aubrey's fault.] This, in addition to the furor over Pastor Rick Warren being chosen to give the invocation at President-Elect Obama's Inauguration -- a man who has said that homosexuality is akin to pedophilia.

Having just seen 'Milk' [Go see it! right away!], I'm keenly aware that just being out was (and still is) a challenge. The last thing we need is to add fuel to the fire of the people who actually *believe* these things. I am against discrimination of any kind, for any reason. Using religion -- which is supposed to be about accepting everyone, the Golden Rule and all that -- to further discrimination is in my mind the worst thing a leader can do.

Hmmm... Maybe the Austin Babtist Women should go and sing for the Pope? Or at the Obama Inauguration? Can we get them in to the Texas Ball? :D

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Stick said...

I read that too. I was horrified.