Friday, April 10, 2009

non-Seder Passover meal

I am trying to keep Pesach this year. I get almost all the way through the week every year, but after about five days or so, I invariably put something in my mouth and start chewing before I realize it's a no-no.

But, I definitely do my best at home. I moved all of my chametz into a couple of bags and put them away in the closet. I have been eating "matzah-and-" everything I would normally eat, so it's matzah and sun butter for breakfast, matzah and sliced turkey for lunch... etc. And some leftover matzoh ball soup (don't ask me why I spell the crackers with an "a" and the balls with an "o" - I don't know!)... and haroset... it hasn't been too difficult yet.

Tonight I decided to cook one of the new Passover products I found- Kosher for Passover cous cous, to go along with a really neat recipe for chicken with asparagus.

All I can say is, one of these recipes worked very well and is delicious. The other one, not so much. Can you guess which was which?

Yes, the cous cous looks like ... well... rabbit pellets made of matzah. The chicken flavoring helps a little, but it's just... mushy. Bleh. Reminds me of the "Matzah-O's" we tried for breakfast once when Bryan was little. No thanks!

The best part about Pesach, though, is matzah brei for breakfast. I eat mine with cinnamon-sugar. It's excellent. (I was going to provide a link to a matzah brei recipe, but there are so many to choose from! Savory? Sweet? both? choose your own!) Suffice it to say you dampen the matzah, mix it with a few beaten eggs, and fry it up -- sorta like the Pesach version of French toast. That'll be my breakfast tomorrow, so feel free to stop by.

Chag Sameach, everybody!

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