Monday, October 22, 2007

Dead, and loving it!

That's it, I'm dead. In my previous post, I mentioned Sock Wars. The basic idea is, you become an "assassin", by knitting a pair of socks (everyone knits the same pattern) for your "target" and shipping them off, before your assassin sends you your socks. I managed to finish one sock -- took me an extra day to get the yarn, and then I messed up the sole and had to rip back a few inches, and in the meantime I was travelling all over the place -- so at least I was able to stave off my "death" for a few extra days. ;)

I finally gave up and went to the mailbox when I got home from work today [after I spent an hour getting a new tire on my car], and lo and behold, beautiful grey wool socks -- and a perfect day for them to arrive, too, it didn't even get to 60 degrees today! -- along with a cute little WIP bag (that's "work-in-progress" to you muggles) and a matching little pouch with stitch-markers! Wow! It's like Secret Santa for knitters!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Assassin! :)

So what happens now, you ask? Well, now I send my unfinished pair (I did finish one of them, see below) to my assassin, and she gets to try to kill my target, before getting killed herself.

I chose a lovely pink Linie ALPHA yarn, each little ball makes one sock. (well, my target has size 10 feet!) I'll be taking it to the post office tomorrow to pass it along.

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